About Southern Maryland Archers (SMA) Club


The objective of this organization is to foster the art and technical sport of archery as a non-profit corporation.

1. To promote all forms of archery including, but not limited to, amateur sport competitions.
2. To provide instruction on safe handling and uses of archer equipment.
3. To provide the archer with safe and natural environment to enhance their skills.
4. To promote bow hunting for legal game.



1. The Art of Archery is defined as the experience and application of mental focus towards self- improvement and accuracy with an archery bow and a target.
2. The Technical Sport of Archery is defined as refining the form of shot execution and knowledge of archery equipment for target and field competitions.


Code of Conduct

“As an affiliated member of Southern Maryland Archers Club, I agree to practice the common sense of safety and abide by all club safety rules set forth by the SMA Officers and supporting staff. I agree and understand that an archery bow is considered a weapon and I agree to take great care and caution- to not dry-fire my bow and to appropriately shoot my arrows at safe locations. I commit to conducting professional behavior and sportsmanship in a way that positively reflects the SMA Club Corporation, SMA officers, and the archery community.”

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SMA Club is affiliated with the following archery organizations:

Maryland Archery Association (MAA)

The MAA provides the basic organization for Maryland archery clubs whereas clubs come together through their Directors to set the rules and guidelines for State competitions and an organized statewide schedule of shoots.

Website: http://www.md-archery.org

USA Archery

The mission of USA Archery is to provide the necessary resources to foster strong athlete participation, competition, and training in the sport of archery. Membership in USA Archery is open to everyone involved in all disciplines of archery including target, field, and 3-D. USA Archery sanctions more than 200 events annually and conducts indoor, outdoor and collegiate National Championships as well as the United States Archery Team Qualifier Series. USA Archery also provides youth and adult archery programs and clubs throughout the United States and certifies archery instructors, coaches, and judges.

Website: https://www.usarchery.org

National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

The National Field Archery Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of archery and is the largest field archery organization in the World. Founded in 1939, the NFAA now consists of 49 chartered state associations and nearly 1,000 affiliated clubs.

Website: https://www.nfaausa.com

Hours of Operation

COVID-19 UPDATE (As of September 21, 2020): 

SMA Club has been cleared to open outdoor recreation, per the lifting of the Executive Order by Governor Hogan and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

These are the strict guidelines that we must follow are as follows.

The main building, the indoor range, and the restroom remain closed.

Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

Governor's Order: Under this order, which takes effect Friday, July 31 at 5:00 p.m., all Marylanders over the age of five are required to wear face coverings in the public spaces of all businesses across the state.
Face coverings will also be required in outdoor public areas, whenever it is not possible to maintain physical distancing. The expanded order continues to provide certain exceptions, including for medical conditions. 

Maryland DNR Lands Requirements

Maryland DNR Lands are open, but in accordance with federal guidelines and state directives pertaining to COVID-19, we would like to share important information about how to keep yourself safe while using your state recreation facilities.

• If you are currently sick, please stay home. If you were recently sick, please follow the Centers for Disease & Prevention (CDC) guidelines on when to stop home isolation.

• Shelters, campgrounds, cabins, nature centers, and administrative buildings are closed.

• Limit your group to ten people or fewer and stay at least six feet apart.

• Avoid the more popular trails in the and give other hikers plenty of space.

• Allow adequate personal spacing at popular sites, overlooks, and features.

• Avoid congregating in the parking lot or in other areas. 

Monday - Sunday

Appointments only


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